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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Minecraft server list that reports the uptime and votes among servers. These factor in to a server's score. The higher the server's score, the higher it is ranked on
I didn't recieve a confirmation email when I signed up!
First, check your spam folder to see if you got it. The email came from, you may want to try to search for that in your email also. If you still can not find your confirmation email, you can have one resent to you at If you are still having problems please contact us.

*Please Note: We have been getting a lot of emails about people buying Minecraft from and not getting a confirmation email from them. We do not own Minecraft. We can not help you with your purchase of minecraft. It looks like people are searching for "Minecraft confirmation email" in google after they buy Minecraft from and it is taking them here. I love my SEO is so great but please refer to instead of our support. Thank you. And remember, once you get your purchase straight you can come back here to find a server. :)
The Minecraft authentication server could not be reached at this time?
This is one we can't do much about. You are getting this error becuase Minecraft's authentication servers are down. The only thing you can do here is to come back and try again later.
What is Votifier?
Votifier is a Bukkit plugin whose purpose is to get notified when a vote is made on a Minecraft server list for the server. Votifier creates a lightweight server that waits for connections by a Minecraft server list and uses a simple protocol to get information about that vote. In other words, it allows you to give your players rewards if they vote for your server. Information and help about Votifier can be found here.
Why is my server showing offline?
We could not make a connection to your server. This can also be due to a firewall or routing issue. If your server has been brought back online since it was reported offline when it actually was, it may also be due to your server not being updated yet. It could take up to an hour for our system to see your server is online again.
Can I get my server's uptime reset?
Yes. We have added a way for you to reset your server's uptime in the "My Servers" section. Please note that this comes at a cost. By doing this it will reset your votes, score, and your listed date. In other words, it will look like you recented added the server to our site. Comments will remain on the server though.
What makes up the server's score?
Your server's score is determined by a formula that uses your uptime percentage, current server population, how many votes you have, and how many days your server has been listed on our site, and the numbers of comments your server has. Also, servers that have votifier get a small bonus to their overall score.
I can see my server in My Servers, but I can't see them on the list. Why?
If your server fell below 20% uptime percentage then your server is marked as inactive. If the server is inactive we remove it from the list but still keep a record of it for you. You may also reset your uptime to add it back to the list.
Why were the votes reset?
Every month we reset all the votes. This is to give all the new servers a chance to become popular. Remember, your server will still get a bonus the longer your server has been listed here.
I lost votes!
Yes, you did. We review votes from time to time and remove illegitimate votes place from proxies.
Why can't I vote?
There are a few reasons why you can't vote.
  1. You may only vote once for a server every physical day.
    When you vote we log your IP and your Minecraft Username. We check those whenever a vote is placed on a server. Now you may vote for as many servers as you like, but only once a day per server. This drops every night at midnight EST time zone.
  2. You are listed on our blacklist.
    During reviews we catch proxies that made it past us or catch a number of IPs inflating votes, we blacklist the IPs. If you feel we have blacklisted you in error, please contact us.
  3. You are listed on DroneBL.
    We lookup your IP on DroneBL to see if it is listed. If so, you are prevented from voting. You must request removal from DroneBL as we cannot remove you and contacting us will only have you directed there.
Can members in the same house vote on your site?
In short, yes. We do block multiple votes from the same IP in the same day. But, if you are logged in to your account with your unique Minecraft name, each account can vote once a day even from the same IP
I need to change ______ on my server. How do I?
Simply go to your "My Servers" page and click "Edit" on the server. You can change any information there.
I think a server is cheating on votes. What do I do?
Contact us with the URL of the server and we'll look into it and take action if needed. Also, even though we take this serious and look into every report, we do not respond to all abuse reports.
I need help with something else!
You can contact us at anytime.