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Mar 24, 2013
Jun 25, 2017 00:23 EST
Spigot 1.7.10

This server network will be up for years so no concern about the server owner getting board and closing it.

1.5.1, Skyblock, Freebuild, Plotworld, Mobarena, New, Survival, No Whitelist, PVE, PVP factions and PVP vanilla, Economy, Events, Factions, Swim, Vanilla, Hunger Games!, Creative Free build.

Server- - Website-


    No abusive text, no swearing.
    No annoying text.
    Do not intentionally cause lag or crash the server nor threaten to do so.
    No hacking mods

Survival with plugins server-

This server is PVE(player Vs Environment) meaning it is not PVP(player Vs player), we work together to help eachother survive and thrive.
Features - Mobarena, plotworld or wilderness free build, The End, Nether, gather worlds that reset, Treasure hunt, Protection Stones to protect your builds, Lockette to protect your chests, chestshops and a bazaar to set up your own shop, auction to auction off your excess items.

Swim Server-

So here's the deal with this server. Many people do not like this map because you spawn in a vast ocean. Depending on your attention span, this may be a problem for you.
Due to the structure of spawn, the map difficulty is set to Normal. Finding land is not easy.
Be creative. There are plenty of players who enjoy themselves because they figured out how to
get away from spawn and stay away forever.

Where To Find Land
As mentioned above, spawn is an ocean biome.  You can pick any direction to find land.  But it
will take a very long time.  It is a good idea to make camp well before you reach land so that
if you have any trouble, you won't find yourself at spawn.  So make a bed as soon as possible.

Spoilers Below!

Finding land should not be your top priority.  Instead, look for cracks in the ocean floor.
These cracks may lead to abandoned mines.  In abandoned mines you will find wood and cob-webs.
12 cob-webs can be crafted into three wool blocks, which can be used to craft a bed.  Sometimes
you will find a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Take them.  They were probably abandoned by a
player who gave up.
There are also players who like to help newcomers.  But they are not on all the time.  Begging
for help is annoying, so avoid being needy.
When you find land, remember others are looking for land as well.  If you make a base on an
island within 3 kilometers of spawn, expect your base to be raided.
It is also best to avoid the cardinal directions.  Meaning, if you go North for 1000 blocks,
someone's going to find you quite quickly.  But if you go slightly East as you travel North,
you are a lot less likely to be found.

The most important thing is to pace yourself.  Accept the fact that you will not find land
right away.  It is not just over the horizon.  Landfall depends on what direction you travel.
Some directions have land much closer than others.

Have fun!

Amusement Parks!
We feature more rollercoasters then you could ride in one day!  Also mini games.

Factions PVP Server
Start up your own faction or join an existing faction and rival to claim land and claim victory!

Creative Freebuild Server with protections.

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