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Crafters Guild

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Apr 28, 2013
Jun 17, 2018 10:56 EST
Crafters Guild
Spigot 1.12

Welcome To

{*** Crafters Guild ***}


A community orientated survival Server for the Crafter in all of us


---4 hours of Free Flight---

*for new players only*

Join a town, Create a Town and Be it's Mayor, Grow your town and Become a Nation. Declare War on other Nations. MCMMO: Improve your Skills with swords axes and Bows to become a a Better warrior in Battle!!


FreeBuild (or Both)

**Many Custom Features written specifically for this Server**

We Now have a Creative World too!!


The World of Elysium

12,000 x 12,000!!

Crafters Guild is for both the Serious Builder and the Helpful at heart. The Sky is literally the limit with what you can contribute with your imaginations desire. We have a Quality Staff on a top notch dedicated server dedicated to having fun and creating a Friendly community.

Spawn city of Feyruhn
Castle Silverwick

City District

Feyruhn Market District

The Title of the thread barely scratches the surface of all the features we have available at Crafters Guild. With many more to come. Quality is what is provided as seen in the Screenshots listed here. My Names Madmadigan and i have been in the game modding arena for over 15 years with popular mods known as "The Road to Allysium" RPG and the award winning "StarSiege" Starcraft campaigns and I am the owner of Crafters Guild. ArkD is the genius behind making it all work and work smoothly, he is a dedicated workhorse machine that gets things done and fast! Friendly Staff and an awesome gaming experience is what you will find here at Crafters Guild, so why not join me in the Arena for a Mob Smackdown!!
Pitt of Souls
Mob Arena
(Market District)


Additional Screenshots available here

See the worlds, scout out a build spot and talk to players online, all from our website!

We have a variety of features to enhance your Minecraft experience!

TOWNY: Join a town, Create a Town and Be it's Mayor, Grow your town and Become a Nation. Declare War on other Nations
McMMO: RPG-like stats that allows you to level up!. Increase your skills and earn ranks as you play.
Economy: Earn money fighting mobs, mining ores and selling items! store your cash in the bank for protection or spend it on precious resources.
LWC:protections: Lock chests, doors, signs and dispensers. Shares your protections with friends and limit other players access.
Mob-Arena:Create Parties with your friends and battle hordes of monsters as you place your life on the line to earn epic rewards in the Pitt of Souls!.
Backpacks:(currently Broken) An extra upgradable inventory available to all players in which you can store your items. Items in backpack dont drop on death and as you rank up you can further increase the size of said backpack.
DeathControl: Diamond items dont drop on death.
anti-cheat and anti-grief: As part of the experience, players are allowed to build anywhere as long as they respect the space of other players, but griefing is not allowed so any griefing done is logged and fixed upon admin notification of said grief. Griefers WILL be banned.
And much more! visit our website to learn more.

Server Specs: (Updated)
200 player capacity
3.6Ghz quad-core Xeon processor w/Turbo boost
SSD Powered
1Gbps connection speed

The Dungeon Masters Challenge!!

Test your Metal against perhaps the toughest Dungeon you will ever Traverse. Earn the Dungeon Master Title and get Perks and Rewards for it's completion

The Dungeon Challenges Hub

Posted Image

Complex 3D Mazes

Posted Image

Parkor Jumping Obstacles

Posted Image

Boobytraps & Ambush's

Posted Image

There are other Challenges ready as well with more in the works so Ask yourself, Do you have what it takes to be a Dungeon Master? We double dog dare you!!



Additional Notes

You can Freebuild or Join a town, Create a Town, Be it's Mayor, expand and Become a Nation. Declare War on other Nations. MCMMO: Level your Battle skills To become the ultimate warrior for your Nation

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