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CakeCraft Roleplay! Factions! Raid! Mob Arena!

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Feb 15, 2018
Jun 11, 2018 03:14 EST
CakeCraft Roleplay! Factions! Raid! Mob Arena!
Spigot 1.12.2


Whether you choose to become part of a faction, or go it alone, it is your choice. We do support a factions plugin so you and your friends can create a faction and battle against other factions by either stealing, raiding, griefing, or just plain attacking them. Climb your way to the top and become the best faction on the server and rule over those puny peasants. And remember, the more the merrier.



To go along with factions, we allow... no... we encourage raiding other factions to earn loot and crush your opponents to dust. We have made it easier to grief by allowing players to open chests and furnaces in enemy territory and making obsidian explodable. Yup, that's right, obsidian is explodable and it only takes two hits to blow it up allowing for easier raiding when you are trying to get in to those pesky obsidian walled bases. Although, we prohibit water bases. (bases covered in water to render tnt useless) So, what are you waiting for by reading this? Go make a faction and dominate the rest of the server.



Show off your fantastic, amazing, extraordinary ideas and builds to the rest of the server through our creative world. If you are new to creative worlds, then what you do is you receive a plot, which on CakeCraft, is 75x75 blocks wide. And, what you do with that plot is completely up to you. You could build a palace, or maybe just test out some of your redstone ideas. Like I said, it is completely up to you. Finally, we do host some contests from time to time as well and you might earn some cash. Cha Ching!



One of our players favorite things on CakeCraft is the rank up system we have in place. As players earn money during their time on CakeCraft, they have the option to use that money to rank up and earn in game commands and perks to further enhance their experience. Some of these commands and perks include /nick and the ability to start an auction and even have your own stall at the market to sell items to other players. The price for each rank goes up as you get higher in the ranks, so you better start as soon as possible to become the richest and most respected player before someone else does. 


More To Come

There is always more to come here at CakeCraft. We are constantly making new warps and mini games as well as getting (and creating) new plugins to make CakeCraft the best it can be. Some of the new things to come in the future are: 

Mini games

Speed Builds

Better Plugins and Perks for Donators and In Game Ranks

More Memory And Processing Ram

Better Spawn and Attractions


We hope that you will join us here at CakeCraft and have a great time. Consider it a gift by us for you. 



The CakeCraft Team.

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