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Lumiacraft 2.0

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Aug 1, 2013
Jun 17, 2018 10:00 EST
Lumiacraft 2.0
BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
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Welcome to the official server of!

Want to skip all the chit-chat? Want to join us right away?

Fine, make sure to read the rules though!



Facebook: Lumiacraft!


Are you tired of punching trees? Do you want to have access to every block? To be able to fly around and build awe-inspiring creations? You've come to the right place. Lumiacraft offers an immersive building experience with a mix of professional and casual builders. We offer grief-protected plots and worlds, as well as a professional staff that will eliminate any annoying elements of chat and gameplay. This means that you, the builder, get a clean, free and efficient server to build in.

If you're a new builder, looking for tips and teachings from experienced large-scale builders, we offer you a friendly place to join and become a member of the Lumia community right away! Friendly staff will help you get started and before you know it, you'll be accepted with open arms. Reviewers will give you constructive criticism and help you improve your skills with a hands-on approach.

If you're a professional builder looking for a popular server to showcase your talent Lumiacraft is also the place for you! Come join our advanced building team, with years of experience, including builders from the Voxelbox, Team Vareide, Broken Buttons, Gazamo and FyreUK.  
While we are not a smaller server, no member feels like "one of the crowd." Everyone is welcome and will instantly  be part of a community where your name is remembered. You'll grow with us. So what are you waiting for? Visit Lumiacraft today!


How does it work?


You start off in a central hub. This hub gives you access to any type of world you are looking for. Plots, sandbox, redstone, organics, fantasy, and many more are accessible from here. The hub will give you quick access to the plot world for you to start in. Here you will be given a 64 x 64 plot to showcase your building skills and to allow us to personally evaluate and review your build.

Then, we will give you a rank based on your building skill. These ranks allow you to gain more permissions and become more respected members of the Lumia community.

- Grief protection, including Prism.

  - With this we can rollback actions of any single player or groups of players. If a griefer shows up, they can't access your plot without your permission. If you do accept them by accident, we can rollback everything they've done. In case of a server crash, the server can be quickly rolled back. It will then be back up and running smoothly within seconds.

- You can try out creative in the servers plot world. If you don't feel that this is the place for you, that's fine. We'll understand. Your build won't be deleted unless you leave permanently, in case you ever change your mind. These builds can be transferred from one world to another to keep them all together.

Friendly staff!

Our staff is professional and has many years of combined experience. The staff is always polite, never rude and will always help out when they can! If you need any help or questions answered, there is usually a moderator or admin on at any point of the day, 24/7. Our staff enjoys helping out both new and experienced builders, and will ensure that you're treated well.

We hope to see you soon on Lumiacraft soon!

Lumiacraft is part of - Join to enjoy Lumiacraft to the fullest! Vote for us on Planetminecraft and Minestatus! Posting here will also help the server out.

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