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Edge Of Reality - The Grand Roleplay [Whitelisted]

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Sep 7, 2014
Jun 17, 2018 10:01 EST
Edge Of Reality - The Grand Roleplay [Whitelisted]
Spigot 1.12.2

The Edge Of Reality

Grand RPG server

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+ What Is The Server About?

Edge of Reality (EoR) is a massive scale RPG server with PVE and RP aspects like quests, dungeons, levels & skills, player-staff interaction, character advancement, diplomacy & mercantilism, races, guilds, and much much more. There are also PVP aspects such as conflicts, battles, raids, duels, etc. The server is built on a massive, detailed, custom world. On this world the staff team have been at hard work putting up towns, cities, massive structures, and all things alike. We on EoR pride ourself on our distinct and refined architecture, along with our extensive and rich professionally written lore. Our goal is to create a large-scale, incredibly rich RPG experience where players may join and create a character of whatever means they could imagine. A farmer? Writer? Merchant? Warrior? Cultist? Monarch? Town Governor? The list of things is endless, as there are no boundaries to where a player can advance (Obviously to a certain extent).

+ What Will I Be Doing When I First Hop On?


        Initially you will be in a funky looking room, this is because you are required to download a mandatory CUSTOM RESOURCE PACK. The pack is mandatory because many blocks have been replaced and are not recognizable. We have done this to furthur the possibilities of building for the server. This pack can be found doing /MOTD in the server, where you then click on the resourcepack link. The pack along with other valuable information can be found on the discord as well! After it has been downloaded continue through a short quiz to ensure the pack is working, where at the end you will click through and enjoy a short city tour, where a handful of important capitals are visited. After this you will appear in a room where you choose your race, each race door has an [Info] sign, where if clicked will give a brief summary on the race. Choose carefully! After this you will read through a short general server tutorial that will guide you through some important mechanics of the server. When all is said and done you will spawn in the Archaean city of Aktos. From here you may find any vacant home (that does not have a name sign) and move in. From here, you may collect resources, engage with other characters, embark on quests, or countless other tasks and missions. You may kill monsters in exchange for XP that can be spent on powerful buffs and skills. One tip? Read everything! 

+ Our staff, New Staff, and Beta Testing/Builders

On EoR we have a tight-knit highly motivated team of staff that spend countless hours building and creating the server. We do not choose staff members often, and we ask you not to ask - because we will let you know if we want you on our team! Beta Testers and Builders are welcome, but must be prepared for helping staff and making sure all standards are met.

+ More Info?

        For Rules, Lore, Maps, and all other information, visit our discord or our subreddit (Links at top of description). We encourage everyone to join our discord and talk to us! Be warned however, it is a more mature environment - as is the server.

We hope to see you there!

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