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-OZ- Overzealousgamers! HungerGames Pvp/Pve

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Jun 28, 2012
Jun 17, 2018 10:53 EST
-OZ- Overzealousgamers! HungerGames Pvp/Pve
Spigot 1.8.3

Server Specifications

8GB of DDR3 Ram (Thank you to all donators in 3 days we're upgrading to 16GB OF RAM!!!!)
Intel i7
100mbit uplink port with solid upstream providers!
DOS Protection to prevent pesky down time.
Hosted in World Class Datacenter



Currently Six Arenas each with 24 slots for players to battle through. We are now Ranking each player via our webstats for hunger games at - See where you rank on our listings! If your not there, it means you haven't joined our server yet.

Now with a brand New Custom arena - "Floating Island" made by phillgates2 & Melonged

Now also have Online Ranking for Hunger Games ----> - See where you are!!!!

NO WhiteList | NO Long Beginning | NO Registration

Regardless which country or even if your running through a proxy from your school or work place you can come and Join us right away from anywhere! Just /warp hg or /warp pvpportal to join our two main areas, if your a donator then you'll already have warps to the creative and free build worlds! Even if you don't warp though, it's a short walk to both these locations, admire some of the art work (massive dragon in the centre of the spawn :).

PVP / Factions

Gear up as fast as possible to join the fight, or perhaps hoard your plundered loot and treasures and hide. Be cautious should you decide to trade with another player, as they may backstab you at any time! Just type /warp pvpportal and your in! You can either create your own faction or join anothers!

Donating / Ranks

We have ranks like most servers but one thing we all found was that money seemed to directly relate on other servers to your skill and then in some extreme cases some players got god mode for donating in PVP servers........ ..... NO WAY IN HELL. So we've ensured any extra little perks, items you get in game for donating won't ensure your invincibility but may give you a bit of a boost (see in game with /warp ranks to see!!! (NOW WITH MORE MOB SADDLES!!!).

Fair Play! - No Cheating

No items will be granted, there are no free teleports, no admin/mod assistance unless dupers/hackers have been spotted. If you are able to catch someone doing any three, screenshot/fraps it and send me an PM.

We own the Dedicated Box and manage it ourselves - We are not on a shared game server host!!

Teamspeak 3 - Come talk with us all!!

We now have 3 minecraft rooms at IP: - So come and say hi!!!

(We are now extremely close to upgrading our server to 16GB of ram to compensate the new free build world for players as well as a few more custom arenas (for Hunger games) being created by players!

The Server is hosted in America PA. I'm Australian myself and have a nice connection (I'm a competitive Hunger Games player myself and wouldn't play on something that I knew I had no chance of winning, in fact I'm second on the Ranks currently in hunger games!! So there really is no "lag".

Banner Image URL:

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