Starting in the server:

  1. Choose your Social Class
  2. Choose your profession
  3. Spend all the points
  4. Click on Finish
  5. Click on Finish to confirm

Surviving your first day:

  1. Find a cave to claim with /f claim
  2. Then set home with /sethome
  3. So you can return there with /home

How to keep your claims:

  1. Sell items with /f sell
  2. Check your personal funds with /money
  3. Add money to the kingdom's treasury with /f treasury add QUANTITY
  4. Check treasury and taxes you pay with /f info (or just check nation's money with: /f treasury)


  1. Stay deep underground and you will be safe for most types of monsters.
  2. If you are hungry cut trees and apples will fall down.
  3. Right click on a bed once possible to respawn at there in case you die.
  4. If you die inside your kingdom you won't lose your items.
  5. Always keep a good amount of money in your treasury kingdom, so you won't lose your claims!