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DuncsWeb Survival / Skyblock / Paintball

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Sep 11, 2012
Jun 17, 2018 10:53 EST
DuncsWeb Survival / Skyblock / Paintball
Paper 1.12.2

Like Minecraft Games? -


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Welcome to the DuncsWeb Community



Over 6000 players joined us in just 1 week! Don't believe us? See for yourself:



<a href=""><img src="" width="640" height="360"></img></a>


We're looking for dedicated Minecrafters to come and join our community to build some amazing things whilst being able to survive in the wilderness!


We have:


- 24/7 Gameplay (You'll EXTREMELY rarely see the Player Count at 0)

- 24/7 Forums

- 24/7 Chat Room

- 24/7 512 Slot TeamSpeak

- Help Pages

- Live Stream showcasing work and answering questions

- Constant Updates and New Features

- Competitions

- Friendly and helpful Staff

- Friendly and helpful Players



Our server is a 24/7 No-Whitelist Dedicated Server, has minimal lag (If a Serv says they have no lag ever, its a lie), saves state every 20 minutes, has backups every 30 minutes and automatic restarts to flush memory every 24 hours.



We have been around since February 24th 2011 and are very clued up on the workings of Minecraft and its players.






Here are some features you'll love on our Server:


Towny: Join a town or be a lone ranger in the Wilderness. Wilderness = PvP, Griefing & Mobs

iConomy: type /money for your balance (we use gigs and megs)

MoneyDrop: Kill mobs to earn money

McMMO: Get bonus skills as you play

Lottery: Try your chances with our hourly lottery

ColoredSigns: Make your signs more attractive with &codes

WeatherRestrictions: Hate how rain lags your computer? We try and keep the rain to a minimum.

FalseBook: Make Gates, Doors & Lifts

LWC: Lock those chests (Find a locked chest in the wilderness and staff will unlock for 500 gigs per block)

ChestShop: Create shop plots inside a town to flog your items






We are strict on the rules and run various protections including Spam, Fly, Xray, Caps, Swearing, Dupes, Town-Griefing, Speedhacking, Client Hacks & Previous Bans. Our staff monitor players when we believe a rule is being broken and mostly operate on a 3 strike (warn, kick, ban) rule depending on the severity of the rulebreaks. Our staff is of a mature age, and will not hesitate to remove someone from the game if they are breaking rules or interrupting gameplay for others.






We offer donation tiers (Donator, Sponsor and Boss) with rewards for each (including fly, changing night and day, and heal).


Our in-game chat has various ranks (Default, Trusted, Mayors, Kings), and gives colours to names. We give trusted status to players that play well and regularly.


Our IRC Bot helps out with common links, and "MrTips" will give handy hints as the game is played.






Our strongest asset is our friendly community. If you're looking for a legit server to play Minecraft, LOOK NO FURTHER!




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