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Jan 18, 2012
Jun 17, 2018 10:04 EST
BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
Minecraft Forums Thread

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You have been convicted. It doesn't matter how or why. You've been sentenced to life in the most notorious prison in the world- Bains Penitentiary. Your days will be spent working the mines and slowly wasting away...

However, a new type of currency has been developed within the prison- Behavior Points. Every block you mine you may trade in for a certain amount of BP. Earn enough of this currency and you can buy many items, a prison plot, and even move up in rank to nicer sectors of the prison.

Choose the right path, and you will move up in rank. Choose the dark one, and become notorious...

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(Sorted from lowest to highest)

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A.K.A Solitary Confinement- Only prisoners who have repeated offenses will be sent here. Hard labor is done in the obsidian mines. Pay a Warden 1k BP to move back up to C-Rank.

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The default rank of convicts- Basic work areas and ability to move up in rank.

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Pay a Warden 15k BP to get into B. This sector has many perks and advantages over Block C.

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Pay a Warden 35k BP to get into A. This sector has many new work areas, more block & food options in stores, and some hidden perks.

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Pay a Warden 65k BP to become an Elite Prisoner. This is the highest rank of prisoners, and includes the best perks and advantages, easy ways to gain BP, and some fun hidden features, including 4+ new ways to gain BP, customizable cells, and more.

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If you are of Elite Status and pay 100k BP to a Warden, you will be set free. Free users are allowed to enter and exit the prison, and visit any sector they please. Free users must still follow prison rules when inside the prison.

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Patrols the prison and makes sure the rules are being enforced. Breaks fights, kills offenders, and confiscates contraband items. Does not take sides and is not unfair to prisoners. You may apply for guard with the template below.

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Has same duties as guard, with added responsibilities. Has ability to mute, kick, ban, and warp. Also has influence over upgrading Trainees. This is the 2nd highest rank in the prison and can only be obtained through trust and loyalty.

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Maintains the server. Payments for ranks and plots go to Wardens. These users regulate events, glitches, rules, etc. May occasionally PVP.

Use /rankup to pay the required amount and ascend to the next rank.


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Click above to visit our minestatus page, where you can vote for Convicted!
Voting will automatically add 1,000 BP to your account.
You can do this once every 24 hours!

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                                                         Posted Image                                   (Server rules: Can get you banned)

  • Do not use any mod, hack or 3rd party program. (X-RAY IS BAN ON SIGHT)
    However, optifine is allowed and encouraged.
  • Do not spam the chat.
    (Use faction chat to reduce global chat spam.)

  • Do not abuse any server glitches/bugs to obtain an unfair advantage.
    (Duping, Non-PVP glitches, shop signs scams, etc.)
  • Do not glitch out of the prison.
    If this happens accidentally, notify a warden and you will be teleported out.
    Anyone not Free and caught outside the prison will be banned.
  • Do not sneak into other sectors of the prison if you are not part of that sector.
  • Do not abuse the areas in which you can build.
    (Placing lava in the quarry, destroying all saplings in the lumber-yard, etc.)
  • Do not advertise other servers.

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(RP rules: will not get you banned)

  • Do not attack other prisoners/guards.
    Remember, this is a PVP server; PVP is not against server rules. However, if a guard witnesses a fight, they will kill all who attack regardless of who started it. Killing the same guard 3 times in a row can result in temp jail. (5-10 min)
  • Never be in possession of contraband items.
    If a Guard sees an item, he/she will count down from 5.

    If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:
    In a PVP-Zone: The guard will attack
    In a Non-PVP Zone: The Guard will jail you for 5-10min.
    (Running from PVP to Non-PVP will result in jail time)
  • Do not camp the spawn, work areas, shops, etc.
    This includes camping PVP borders and wait for people to leave, as well as attacking from Non-PVP.
  • Do not run to Non-PVP during a Guard fight
    The Guard will count from 5. If you do not exit again to fight, you will be jailed. Hopping across the border multiple times in order to beat the system will result in jail time. Using warp signs to escape a Guard fight will also get you jailed.

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